Miracle League All Star Game

“Miracle League is dedicated to promoting the health and well being of individuals with disabilities while educating the public and promoting a greater understanding of matters concerning individuals with disabilities.”

All Star Game Team Photos

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Homer was at this past weekend’s Marathon Classic LPGA golf tournament in Toledo, Ohio

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Youth sports associations across the country have the opportunity to be invited to or earn their way into championship games, World Series and All-Star games. Why not our amazing Miracle League athletes? We all deserve the chance to be an All-Star!

The first ever Miracle League All-Star game will be held September 14-16, 2018, in Findlay, Ohio, at the Blanchard Valley Health System Miracle Park. Each Miracle League organization has the opportunity to select one player to attend this once in a lifetime opportunity. Local Miracle League organizations are responsible for registration fees and transportation to Findlay, with all other expenses covered through sponsorships and donations.

Upon arrival, players will experience an All-Star Weekend like no other. Activities include: Welcome Reception, Opening Ceremony, Introduction of Players, All-Star games, and an Awards Gala.


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