Fact Sheet


In August 2016, the Fields for All project completed the Blanchard Valley Health System Miracle Park that included a Miracle Field, and an 8,600 square feet inclusive playground. Findlay has created a sports complex that provides a destination for all to enjoy.  Miracle Leagues from around the country will have a chance to send an All-Star to participate in the weekend events.  September 14-16, 2018, Findlay will be the host for the 1st Annual National Miracle League All-Star Weekend.

General Information

Location: Blanchard Valley Health System Miracle Park at the Marathon Diamonds, Findlay, Ohio

ObjectiveShowcase Findlay, Ohio, as a premier inclusive community in the nation while bringing regional and national attention to the Miracle League experience and the benefits that come from being involved in this program.

Fundraising Campaign: Began August 2017 and will run through September 2018.

Miracle Park Impact: Install permanent bleachers at the Miracle League Field that will support the All-Star weekend and also provide an upgrade to the existing bleachers for league and other events held at the site.   A 1,500 square feet expansion of the inclusive playground, and construction of an All-Star Pavilion are planned.

Miracle League All-Star Weekend: The two-day event will be held September 14-15, 2018. The agenda for Friday, includes registration, welcome activities and a mixer to be held at the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts for participants.  On Saturday, we will host the All-Star games.   There will be an Awards GALA on Saturday evening at the Hancock Hotel to celebrate the weekend events.

Anticipated impact for the community:  Increased civic pride and community empowerment for hosting the event. Increased tourism is anticipated as All-Star Weekend is a national event that allows 300 Miracle Leagues to send an All Star representative and family to participate. One representative from each league’s board has the opportunity to attend as well.  It is estimated that more than 150 hotel rooms will be needed to support this event.  In addition, the estimated outside attendance is 750-1,000+ individuals with total event attendance anticipated being approximately 1,500.  National and regional media coverage of the event is expected. Increased business opportunities (i.e. retail, restaurants, and hotel) will be likely both prior to and during the event. Volunteer opportunities for young and old to participate in the development, planning and execution of the All-Star Weekend will be needed.

Miracle League All-Star Organization: An All-Star Committee has been established to lead the fundraising, planning and execution for the Miracle League All-Star Weekend.  All fundraising will be used to cover the capital improvements and hosting expenses for the All-Star Weekend.  Any proceeds that remain will be used by the Miracle League of Findlay for their long-term field surface replacement fund.